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 Batman Needs A Break But With New Vigilante Duke Thomas Moving Into Wayne Manor And An Endless Supply Of Adopted Fostered And Biological Superhero Children To Manage Bruce Wayne Is Going To Have His Hands Full Being A Father Can T Be Harder Than Being Batman Right

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Gyeoul Yoon Is No Stranger To Tragedy Having Lost Everything Even Her Life Because Of Her Good For Nothing Father When She Reawakens After Death Gyeoul Finds Herself In The Body Of A Newborn Baby She Is Now Princess Mabel Of The Powerful Ermaneau Empire With Her Doting New Family And The Empire S Might At Her Disposal Mabel Has Everything She S Ever Wanted Upon Learning That She S The Subject Of A Prophecy With The World S Salvation At Stake Mabel Quickly Realizes That There Are People Who Will Stop At Nothing To Destroy Her Newfound Peace

Nobody Paid Much Attention To John Just A Normal Teenager At A High School Where The Social Elite Happen To Possess Unthinkable Powers And Abilities But John S Got A Secret Past That Threatens To Bring Down The School S Whole Social Order And Much More Fulfilling His Destiny Won T Be Easy Though Because There Are Battles Frenemies And Deadly Conspiracies Around Every Corner

Nothing Was Ever Handed To Dorothea Millanaire No Attention No Love No Power So She Decided To Take Them For Herself With Her Sword She Accepts Her Fate When She Is Executed For Being A Bloodthirsty Tyrant Only To Wake Up As A Child This Is Her Second Chance She Must Not Repeat History She Must Be Good

Working Hard Is Supposed To Take You Far But Into The World Of Your Best Friend S Novel For Lucy Being Whisked Into A Life Of Ballrooms And Picnics Isn T Exactly What It S Cracked Up To Be At Least Not When Everyone Has Mistaken Her For The Villain Flagged For Death To Escape This Fate Lucy Must Transform From Modern Workaholic To High Society Schemer If She Even Has A Chance At Returning Home Will She Make It Or Will This World Of Beautiful Outfits Strawberry Desserts And Dashingly Handsome Gentlemen Seal Her Fate

It S Senior Year And Sara Lin Just Turned 18 She S Got Great Friends A Cool Dad Or So He Thinks And A Whole Lot Ahead Of Her The Last Thing She Needs Is To Worry About Having Her First Kiss But That S All About To Change Because Her Good Pal Patrick Just Challenged Her To A Bet That Will Either Lead To Love Heartbreak Or Embarrassment Or Maybe All Three

Seong Yun Han Was Just A Boy When His Parents Were Killed By Monsters Unleashed During A Mysterious Calamity Called The Dungeon Break Seven Years Later Seong Yun Is Devastated To Find That His Grinding Efforts To Become A Hunter Fierce Warriors Who Seek Out And Destroy Monsters Are Entirely In Vain As His Fighting Attributes Have Not Increased At All Seong Yun S World Flips On A Dime When He Accepts An Invitation To Join The Tower Of Trials An Otherworldly Realm Where Challengers Must Overcome Trials That Pit Them Against Monsters And Humans Alike

Baphomet Is The Ruthless Dispassionate Lord Of The Abyssal Tower A Mysterious Monster Filled Dungeon Plaguing The Human World Many Hunters Seek To Defeat Him And Bring The Tower Down To No Avail Despite His Demonic Power Baphomet Grows Curious About Humanity One Day Baphomet Is Defeated By Raven The Strongest Hunter And Realizes That His True Wish Is To Be Just Like The Humans He Previously Looked Down On In Death He Is Granted His Wish As He Awakens As A Human Without His Powers

When Civil Engineering Student Suho Kim Falls Asleep Reading A Fantasy Novel He Wakes Up As A Character In The Book Suho Is Now In The Body Of Lloyd Frontera A Lazy Noble Who Loves To Drink And Whose Family Is In A Mountain Of Debt Using His Engineering Knowledge Suho Designs Inventions To Avert The Terrible Future That Lies In Wait For Him With The Help Of A Giant Hamster A Knight And The World S Magic Can Suho Dig His New Family Out Of Debt And Build A Better Future

There Are Two Kinds Of People With Special Abilities Villains Who Are Driven By Their Evil Desires And Psykers Who Pursue Justice And Work Against Villains Cassian Lee Is A Very Powerful Psyker With A Good Heart But One Day When He Visits His Friend In Greece Things Take A Wrong Turn Following An Unexpected Chain Of Events Cassian Ends Up In The Body Of A Korean High School Boy Who Has Just Become A Villain Will His Sense Of Justice Win In The End Or Will He End Up Becoming A Cold Blooded Villain
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